About Us

     The Kerala Brahmana Sabha Kollam District Wing contributes a lot to promote fraternity and mutual assistance co-operation among members of the samajam. The motive of the District Wing is to foster qualities of unity, brotherhood, self-respect, self-reliance, co-operative attitude, observing our religious rites. The District Wing has been always doing everything necessary for the religious, social and economic advancement of the community. The District Wing has an active Vanitha Vibhagam for its women members and Yuvajana Vibhagam for its youths.

Upasabhas under the District Sabha

Kollam City


     The District Wing launches programs for educational empowerment of our community people. Various steps have been taken by the wing to eliminate poverty, unemployment prevalent among our community members with properly planned endeavors. Actively propagates the values of our region and it customs, rituals and rite. The District Wing conducts various activities which includes Social, Cultural, and Humanity services. Various plans have been implemented by the wing for the overall progress of Brahmin women, youth and children. The District Wing arranges activities necessary for the religious, social and economic advancement of the community. The district wing also encourages the members with a view to develop civic sense, patriotism and national consciousness. The District Wing guides and also participates in the activities conducted by its Vanitha Vibhagam and Yuvajana Vibhagam.

Mission & Vision

  • To preserve our unique identity
  • To protect our rich heritage
  • To unite our people
  • To enable collective action
  • To promote social, religious, cultural and economic welfare
  • To reach out to economically weaker sections within the community
  • To function as an area hope in this insane world
  • To clearly pursue spiritual pursuits
  • To bring meaning and purpose in an otherwise purposeless existence